Paving, Flooring, Water Features

Paver systems enhance the look of landscaping and walkways. Site pavers are diverse, and often include pedestal sand set, and dry pack finishes. Each of these materials serves an individual purpose and each provides a unique look to the project it warrants. The finished product is truly a representation of the sub support compaction and flatness to its respective grades. We like to think that the time and effort spent in the front-end of placing the foundation rewards the client with a superior finished product. The key advantage as well as the key challenge is creating a simple approach. Paver system jointing also have a wide range of finishes such as open joint, sand swept, polymeric sand and grouted to name a few. Paving adds an endless variety of color, shapes and patterns to your building and is one of our favorite finishing touches on any high-end project.

Water Features are a great example of true craftsmanship at work. Each and every water feature is a custom design and therefore provides one-of-a-kind challenges as well as opportunities. Every feature is engineered for structural design, waterproofing and reviewed for it’s desired mechanical system settings. Each water feature function is determined by reviewing the space used as well as the purpose of the feature itself. Keep in mind; there are 2 components to any water feature, the design as well as the mechanical system. Often, a custom fabricated feature requires a mechanical custom-built system to be built as well.

No matter what type of design aesthetic you plan to achieve on your next project, site pavers and water features are a great way to make a building stand out. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable estimators to see how your can utilize site pavers and water features on your next project.

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