Precast Facades

When advanced architectural design and on-site logistics create a unique challenge on a project, architectural and structural precast are often the best solutions. Architectural precast allows for a more efficient and economical installation on advanced applications without sacrificing exterior design aesthetics. The most clear-cut advantage of precast is the design flexibility afforded to the designer or architect.

Beyond looks, precast combines the benefits of low maintenance cost and high durability with energy efficiency as well as fire safety to create a material type that often offers the best solution for builders and owners. This optimal combination makes architectural precast the go-to material type for residential as well as commercial and religious building types, where there is a need for unique design without sacrificing durability. Combine the efficiencies of architectural precast with the design capabilities of the medium and you will be hard pressed to find a masonry application that packs more owner value per square foot.

IMS has emerged as the preferred source for architectural precast in Utah as well as the Intermountain West. Our combination of services allows us to  handle multiple facets of an exterior, whereas previously, separate service providers were often needed, creating logistical headaches for the general contractor. IMS’s experience and expertise combined with our stellar track-record make us the preferred installer for your next project. Get in touch with our knowledgable estimators for a free bid on your next job.

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