We strive to be the safest masonry contractor in the region as well as the country. Our extensive safety data tracking combined with ongoing training has allowed IMS to emerge as the leader in safety in the workplace.

Simply put, the success of our projects as well as the success of our organization depends on safety. Safety is at the foundation of our operations and is one component of our operation that can always be improved upon. With safety playing such a key role in our ongoing success, IMS has invested in the people, processes and systems needed to insure the highest degree of safety in the workplace.

IMS’s award winning safety program has been recognized in the top 3% of masonry contractors in the nation. Our full-time Director of Risk Management and Safety is focused and committed to creating a safe work environment for all members of our team, no matter the position.

The primary component of our safety program is prevention. Our system relies on an in-depth reporting and investigation process that delves into the root cause of any mishap with thorough analysis. With an experience modification rating (EMR) of .59, BROWZ certification and experience with OSHA/MSHA requirements, we have the processes and systems to stay safe and stay on track.

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